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Blue Earth Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We provide tax-deductible reciepts for all donors. Use this guide to decide how you can best support us.


Cash sponsors, sometimes in exchange for a specific set of benefits, like logo placement and sponsored posts, give money to the event or organization to promote programming and operating expenses.

Matching Gift

A matching gift is a donation by a corporation that matches an employee’s donation to an eligible nonprofit, most often dollar for dollar. Ask us how to approach your employer or offer your employees this opportunity!

In Kind

In-kind sponsors are companies that offer products or services for free in exchange for a similar level of sponsorship. Ask us how we might provide your company with a valuable service.

Why Support Us?

Blue Earth Project leads Southern Minnesota into an ecological paradigm shift towards a resilient future. With a localized approach to a global problem, our innovative programming, community activation, and bold leadership will aid Greater Mankato in becoming a shining example of a community that properly addressed a crisis.

Adopt A River

Adopt A River

Our Adopt-a-River program gives organizations, businesses, families and individuals an opportunity to take ownership over iconic local river sections. We take the hassle out of “getting things done” by hosting river cleanup events for our adoptees including river guides, boats, shuttle services, waste disposal, and unique marketing opportunities.The Adopt-A-River Program lets you harness your pride for our 500+ river miles in Blue Earth County. Adopt one of the seven rivers flowing into Mankato and give back to your community through environmental stewardship. We keep costs low through a variety of partnerships and guarantee a safe, enriching and educational adventure that allows our adoptees to create lasting bonds with teammates and the community.

Additionally, Blue Earth Project has adopted the Blue Earth River and hosts an annual river cleanup event that is open to the public. Now in year three, our event is a recreational opportunity to raise awareness about challenges in Southern Minnesota. Join us after the float for the sorting of waste, food & drinks, networking with like-minded individuals, and entertainment. Help us advocate for ecological resilience by sponsoring the after-float event or adopting a river today!

Cost to Date: $950

Program Needs: $2,250

What for? Annual Event Management and Planning, Marketing, Adoptee Acquisition, Event Insurance


Eco Marketplace

We choose what kind of future we want with our wallets and that’s why we created the Eco Marketplace. Our online shop connects eco-conscious consumers with eco-conscious products. With a focus on supporting small, local, and environmentally conscious businesses, we are shifting the paradigm to a regenerative and resilient future. All of the products you’ll find on the market are carefully chosen to provide our customers with the highest quality environmentally conscious products available at the best prices. To be as waste-free as we can possibly be, we go the extra mile by offsetting the carbon footprint associated with our products and shipping.

Cost to Date: $1,400

Program Needs: $2,500

What for? Vendor Acquisition, Marketplace Management, Development and Product Photography



The Blue Earth Project Podcast is an audio segment showcasing the wealth of diverse viewpoints and expertise in our community on pressing regional topics, especially as they relate to ecological resilience. We’ve had eight excellent guests so far and hope to make many more in the future as we have an abundance of amazing folks waiting to come on.

Your contributions will go to aid labor costs associated with booking interviews, recording time and space, production, editing and most importantly, hosting of the audio files for viewing on our website or your favorite mediums such as Spotify, Itunes, and Youtube.

Cost to Date: $1,200

Program Needs: $1,800

What for? 12 Episodes, Studio Time, Post-Production, Scheduling, Equipment and File Hosting


Street Cleanups

Blue Earth Project volunteering at Mankato Trashathon

Throughout spring and summer, we host weekly pop-up street clean-ups in Mankato, MN. Each week we post on our social media outlets when and where we will be gathering to clear out the litter from our neighborhoods, parks, alleyways, local highways, and parking lots.

These gatherings require funding for marketing, waste disposal fees, and the disbursement of proper handling wear, safety wear, and garbage containers. Sponsor the street clean-ups through in-kind donations of materials or services needed to help us keep Mankato beautiful.

Cost to Date: $800

Program Needs: $1,500

What for? Bags, Gloves, Waste Disposal, Management and Marketing


Nutrient Reduction

We have devoloped a durable floating platform, or pontoon, to create an aquaponics-based growing area for removal of excess aquatic nutrients and pollution. A solar powered pump would be used to continuously pump water from the source body of water through the platform’s grow beds to purify, aerate, and bind excess pollutants. This would effectively clean the body of water over the long term. The platform would be placed early Spring and removed early Fall to coincide with traditional growing seasons. This concept is relatively inexpensive, and possibly sourced from reused materials. It will be scalable and reproducible, allowing a series of platforms to meet the needs of the water body. Help us clean or local waters and donate today!

Cost to Date: $500

Program Needs: $5,500

What for? Labor, Parts, Implementation and Maintenance


Questions? Call 507-317-9242