Current Projects

Adopt A River

Blue Earth Project Adopt-a-River float on Blue Earth River

Adopt iconic river sections and we will host your events; providing boats, guides, shuttles and waste removal. River adoption is a fun way to do something good!

Eco Market

We represent a unified effort toward ecological resilience. We offer conscious goods that will be of use to our community.


Bi-weekly episodes give a voice to a wealth of diverse viewpoints and expertise in our community on pressing regional topics.

Energy Consulting

Connecting our community with the best providers. Due to recent legislation, it’s super easy to go green and save a lot of money.

Tree Planting

A key reward of becoming a member is getting a tree planted in your honor. Ask us about our drone that can plant 10,000 seeds per hour.

Zero Waste Pledge

Sign our pledge to show you support zero waste initiatives for individuals, businesses and governments in Southern Minnesota.

Future Projects

Water Wheel

Our dream is to engineer and build a hydro/solar powered river barge capable of removing floating debris and invisible chemicals. We can use the excess nutrient to grow food via aquaponic beds.

Community Solar

By building community solar gardens, we could facilitate opportunities for local citizens to subscribe to receive clean energy credits based on that gardens production. Recent legislation makes it super easy to go green and save money.

Next Big Idea

Is there a particular project you think we should adopt? Follow the link below to give us your suggestions.